Tip 1: Mix your metals.

Accessorising has certainly come a long way since matchy-match details reigned supreme! Rich, warm-toned jewellery (think an antique brass watch passed through generations or a few dainty gold necklaces) pop when paired with a cool silver statement piece like a cuff or great pair of earrings. It can often be best to take the guesswork out of overlapping metals by choosing a dominant shade, simply pick your favourite metal colour, make that your base, and introduce a few contrasting pieces to master mixing in an effortless way.

 Tip 2: Keep your nails clean.

If you’re going to wear a statement cocktail ring, or even multiple stacking rings or thin bands, make sure your fingernails look just as good! Even if you don’t have time or money for a full manicure, do a quick polish change, or take a file and clean up the shape of your nails so they are all uniform in shape and length. If you have no time for nail polish, go with a combination base and/or top coat to keep nails protected and strong to prevent snags and breakage. Short nails are in, so choose from oval or square with round corners to prevent breakage. A chipped manicure or unkempt nails will be the focus of attention, not your statement pieces.

 Tip 3: Don’t be too matchy matchy.

The days of your shoes having to match your handbag perfectly are long gone! Wear a statement bag in your favourite colour with a different colour shoe to make your overall look appear fresh and modern. Carrying a plum-colored bag with nude or animal print heels is totally acceptable or try a bright clutch and black shoes to grab attention!

 Tip 3: Always accessories a little.

To perk up an outfit always add at least one statement piece, It will make your outfit go from “good to amazing.” Wrap a light, patterned scarf around your neck before leaving the house in that all-black outfit, or slip a cuff bracelet on your wrist to make a sheath dress look cool and not-so-classic. You don’t have to overthink what matches and works, when you pick just one, big accessory, like a large layered necklace or long intricate earrings.

 Tip 4: Jeans are not just dress down clothes.

Don’t just stick to one look or keep it too casual with denim jeans. Try pairing a blazer and skinny jeans and small slight heels with a t-shirt. Add some thin stacking rings and a thin, slight necklace to finish the look.

 Tip 5: When in doubt, pick a longer necklace.

Necklaces not only have the power to kick your look up a notch, but can also give you a boost of body confidence. Your necklace should be working for you, a long strand that hits just below the bust makes you look taller and leaner!

 Tip 6: Your wrists should never be naked.

I find it too easy to overlook bracelets or a good watch. But these pieces can really finish off a look. Wear a big watch as a statement piece or stack similar thin bracelets for a layered look.